Family MBTI Typology: Differences Are Beautiful 

Our individuality is what makes us unique, an island unto ourselves–but by the same token, no man is an island (cue the introverts’ resigned sighs), and so we must learn to adapt to and celebrate those differences.

I will go through my family’s typology in this post, and highlight the traits I admire in each person.

By now, most of you know I’m an INFJ. My husband took the test and got ENFJ, but once I became more well-versed in typology I retyped him as ESFP. Ours is an . . . interesting relationship, shall we say. I am definitely kept on my toes!

I am fairly confident that my oldest daughter, Jocelyn, is an INFJ as well. The only other possibility I can come up with is INFP. We get along superbly, but beings she does have a bit of an attitude and is strong-willed to an extent, INFP may actually be more accurate.

Alexandra, my youngest, is shaping up to be ESFP, like Dad, or ENFP. I’m thinking she’s an S: she doesn’t seem to be overly introspective or thoughtful. More of a take things as they come type, which also accounts for the P. She is the biggest light in my life, even though some aspects of her personality get under my skin. She’s forever smiling, energetic, and doing something funny. She’s always lifting spirits. Hence her title, Sunshine.

Jo is quiet, thoughtful, and helpful around the house. She’s also fun-loving, but goes through inexplicable funks, like her mother. But we are awesome. 😊

Aaron is spontaneous, fun, hilarious, and a friend to everyone. He’s also a decisive, risk-taking leader. He doesn’t think too much– he’s a man of action, which is absolutely fabulous and fine with me! 💜

What is your MBTI type? Let me know! Be blessed today!


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