Odds and ends missed in last night’s post

Filling in some details from last night and just life in general.

Talked with my family–well, those that were present (Dad, stepmom, brother, and his gf) about my flowers.  Audra (stepmom) suggested trying garlic sticks–I guess just sticking them in the ground?  I will try anything at this point.  We will still put lavender in, but exploring extra options won’t hurt.  I’m glad my hydrangea is okay, but I don’t want to lose sleep over my beautiful roses when the bush goes in! 

Discussion involved my grandmother, who at 92 unsurprisingly isn’t doing so hot.  She was in the hospital with breathing problems and heart issues, then got covid. The doctors dont think the odds are high that she can return home.  She’ll need assisted living care, or whatever that’s called nowadays.  She can take care of her basic needs, thank goodness, but her memory is getting worse and she’s in just terrible physical shape.  So even if they allowed her back home, it wouldn’t be for long.  She’d need medical staff nearby sooner rather than later.

Please pray for my dad and also my aunt and uncle as they try to finally get her to realize she needs this level of care. She would have greatly benefited from some sort of retirement community where she didn’t have the burden of the house really since my grandfather passed shortly after Jocelyn was born 12 years ago, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Some elderly people just either turn a blind eye to their loss of independence, or are just stubborn. I pray I never give my kids a hard time–but quite frankly, I really think Jesus will return for us way before I get that old!!

We also hung out with my FIL after church yesterday (went to my dad’s in the evening).  I made cupcakes Saturday night and took them to their house for pre dessert before the dessert at my dad’s.  Pauletta made lunch.  My stepsister in law, Jen, came over too.  Great time with them, as always!

As for my mom, I’m not sure when she will come around and ask to see us, but we can’t rush them.  They likely wouldn’t come here if we asked them over, even if we told them they could wear masks or whatever–which I really wouldn’t care about.  We won’t wear them, though, here or their house–anywhere.  That might be part of the issue.  Either way, covid or not, we’ve lived here for 11 years and they’ve been here maybe twice.  *shrug* My mom likes things her way, and it’s not an issue to go there. I just want to spend time with them.

Anyway. School is done for Alex! Jo is about 50% finished with her last math book.  She should cross the finish line by the end of the week. Then summer (and gymnastics class, come July!) can truly commence.

We are planning on heading to Knoebels in the next few weeks for a day.  Happy to visit there again.  I guess, from what I gather, they aren’t too Nazi-ish if folks remain outdoors.  I’ll take it.  I can pass on fudge, after all. I have put on a tiny bit of weight in the past twoish or so years… But it’s not super noticable.  Have more gray in my hair, too. Yay!! 👵😋

That about covers all my bases. I eke out a poem once in a while, which you can read over in my recent posts.  Life is good, God is the giver of it all, and I am immensely blessed. 🙏💜 Praying all of my readers are equally joyful! Till next time!

🎥 Edit: We started watching Anne With An E on Netflix at my FILs each Sunday.  Its so great for the kids to be exposed to literature (Anne of Green Gables)–even if it’s in cinematic form!! (We coax them to read for money, rather than chores.  Sometimes it works.) The girl who plays Anne is a delight to watch, and Jen said yesterday Anne reminds her of me 😋😂😂😂 I see it. 

Father’s Day (and a baby!)

I can’t post this on Facebook, because they haven’t made it ‘fb official’… But my sister and BIL are welcoming their first baby in late November (the 27th)!

I’ve known for a week or so, but our parents knew since Memorial Day weekend. They ought to know first, but I wish I could have been there all the same. I got to celebrate with my dad today though, whom I haven’t seen for a very long 18 months. The key? Grace. Grace. That’s it, folks. Show it. Ask the Lord to bestow it via the Holy Spirit. He will. Our God is nothing if not big and able, amen?

I got to give hugs before we left, and the love was palpable in the very air. Put hurt feelings aside, beliefs aside, and just love. It’s what our heavenly Father does. He doesn’t shirk his stance, but he puts love and mercy first. Blessed to stand on His shoulders and, through the Holy Spirit, obtain the courage to do likewise. Tonight went much better than I ever thought possible, and I pray it was the first of what will be many visits this summer. 💕

Praying your Father’s Day was just as meaningful! Bless!!

Really ticked off.

More and more of my lilies are being dug up. I’m probably at 50-60% now. It’s a chipmunk, not a rabbit. We put fencing up, but the jerk either climbs through the holes or climbs up and over. The only solution is to cage in the top too, and or use fencing with smaller holes to reinforce the strength. Ugh.

I dug up two plants and put them in pots, bringing them inside. We will see if they last till next year. If not, at least chippie won’t destroy them.

I want to put in a petite rose bush, probably next to the hydrangea (which is doing swell–nothing bothers it!), and then lavender on the sides. My research says lavender is a natural repellent. Lovely. I like it (not a favorite, but very nice) well enough, it’s a perennial, fairly hardy, and animals HATE it. Works for me!!

Not so good car news and more gorgeous hydrangea shots

So our Lincoln needs a whole new rear end, to the tune of some $2300. Thank God we can afford it–a few short years ago that wouldn’t have been possible. (Praise God for helping us clear up all areas of our lives!) However, who ever wants to spend that on car repairs? But the Lincoln is a solid car, and we are all in love with it–so to us it’s worth it. The warranty is for three years, I believe. It”s gonna take three weeks, so my FIL generously gave us his Merc till it’s finished. We have the VW, but it’s out of inspection and also needs work. Yet and still, hubs now has ample motivation to do those repairs and get it back on the road. It needs a catalytic converter and a few other odds and ends.

My hydrangea is opening like nobody’s business. Thank You, Lord, for your beauty displayed in my wee plant!! It’s so lovely!!

Foodie and proud!

Today I made/am making (depending on when this gets posted) a summer bean salad and trying out a small amount of seat of the pants cream cheese spread for fruit (strawberries this time). Love cream cheese, and cheesecake is my all time favorite dessert. (Used to be chocolate lava cake. Still like it, but cheesecake is the ultimate.)

The spread is simply cream cheese, powdered sugar, and a few drops of vanilla. Heavenly!

I don’t have a picture of the salad, but it was delish. White beans, roasted bell peppers, chopped lettuce, oil and balsamic vinegar . Simple and fresh.

Enjoying family and a fire at the in laws’ camp site. I hope you all find time to enjoy the small moments today and every day!! Blessings! 💕

“Ol’ Blue” runs!!!

More needs to be done, but at least it revs. Clearly , with no lights or anything, the restoration will take at least all summer, but likely longer. We love it. 😁

Read up on my lilies. They often only flower once per season. Sad. Then today, some numbnut rabbit or other hungry critter snapped off two of my shoots!! 😡😡 Grrr!! Go eat some of the withered bushes!!

But here’s my newly blue hydrangea and my pansies!

Hydrangea blooms!!

This little plant is a spunky thing!!! Love it!!

The largest bloom is bluish-purple, but the other is pinky-fuchsia. That can happen with hydrangeas, and I say get on with your bad self!!! I’ll take a multicolor plant. As long as its not all pink. After all, I chose it because the tag said “blue”.

My lilies aren’t cooperating now. Too much rain and not enough sun lately. That will change for the next several days at least (finally!!).

My pansies are flourishing in the baskets out front. I dont mind, and kind of look forward to, putting new varieties of annuals in those each spring. Annuals to me make no sense in the ground. Too much work. (My phlegmatic laziness is showing!) 😋

Other news: Got a hitch for our Lincoln–again, finally. We use our trailer a lot. It’s been frustrating to ask my FIL to use his all the time. We took it for granted on the Honda. That’s still unsold, by the way. Oh well. Someone will eventually take it.

Stay cool, but try to enjoy the sun if you’re here in PA!! Bless!

What I’m Reading XV

I finished both Goblet of Fire & Redeeming Love. It’s terrible that I’ve owned this book for several years and only read it twice!! Ugh. It needs to be re read regularly!

Now I’m onto The Order of the Phoenix, the fifth Harry Potter novel. This is my second or third time through the series, and magical doesn’t begin to describe it! So perfectly delightful.

The other? A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick. It’s rich and gorgeously written, but it’s more than a bit raunchy, and the female lead is pretty despicable . I do recommend it, though, if you’ve got an open mind and want to read something new. This is my second dalliance with the book, and I’m still into it. 👏👍

I’ll tack on a teensy ‘announcement’ that isn’t one at all, just perhaps an interesting development. Hubs purchased a golf cart of his (our) own within the last week. We call it “Ol’ Blue”. Its in as bad or worse shape than my FILs. It didn’t have a motor, so hubs dropped one in from Randy’s, which came with two. Now there’s a motor, but he’s diagnosing running issues. No lack of excitement around here this spring and summer!

Last last: the girls have until the end of this month to submit their grades for the year. They will take every day of it. Alex will finish before Jo, but they share a grade sheet, and Jo still has two math books to try and complete. (She’s 50-70% done with her current one.) She’s in algebra, and my heart goes out to her. Thankfully I can still assist… For now. Later she will need a tutor, because I never got past this in school. Sigh. That’s life, as Frank Sinatra said.

Stay tuned!! Bless, one and all!

INFJ Frustrations–and a remedy.

Poem first (still a narrative), then some news I neglected yesterday.

Four little letters contain an ocean of emotions fathoms deep/Beautiful yet frustrating it is to inhabit such a place/One can soar with the birds while simultaneously sinking to cold, dark depths. What a disgrace/How can this be? Those like me will agree. The rest? I will try to explain. Don’t fall asleep.

An INFJ’s makeup is entirely soul. Often we forget we are attached to bodies as we feel our way through life/Others whose letters differ will certainly get frustrated/We get it, and try to explain while our emotions continue to clamor, unabated/About now these folks give up, stalking off. We feelers aren’t worth the strife.

Loneliness creeps in like a fog. We welcome it, used to its presence. Will we ever find someone who truly understands? When will this end/God above whispers through His Word, “Fear not, child; I am here. Look up and see!”/Obediently, I cast my heavy eyes to the heavens. Love washes over me, clear as can be/The Lord is there; our Friend and Counselor. He tells me my broken heart will mend.

He is my companion, the One who is faithful and true/With Him, the clouds depart, the fog lifts, the sun of hope shines. Despair is relieved/He was there all along, even when I couldn’t tell. My faith was my eyes; even within my howling emotions, my faith believed/Heedless of my wretched state, my Savior does my soul renew.

If you find yourself under this INFJ spell, here’s my advice/Look to Jesus! He is truth, beauty, faithfulness–love divine/He longs to be yours, as he is mine/Unlike men, he will answer when you call–in a trice!

How do you like it? Even pared down a bit, it’s still full. *shrug* I can’t quite get away from telling stories or anecdotes. Ah well. Anyway, the bit of news. We signed the girls up for a six week gymnastics course starting in July. They are pretty pumped. We are proud of them for going all in on their first big endeavor! If they love it, we will sign them up for more extensive classes after. Exciting! 👏