A year with Verbose Lady: my thoughts.

It has been a year of considerable change for me: beginning with joining Life Leadership, and then creating this endeavor just a month later. Life and its myriad teachings (through audios, books, and mentors) gave me the spirit, mindset, drive, and confidence necessary to bring my writing to a public sphere. There are no words to adequately describe what this page has done for me. I now know I can publish not just a book, but many, if I so desire. The time frame is practically irrelevant– I needed to create the space, this niche, to prove to myself that I can write. I can write, and write passably well. Practice will eventually catapult me to a plane of confidence where I will bang out a spectacular marvel of a novel that will gain some measurable success! I innately know this to be true, as well as I know my own name. Writing is what I was put here to do. It is my passion; it completes, fulfills me. God will, in His divine sovereignty and time, open the doors of opportunity as I come to them on my crazy life’s journey. I’m so hopeful, excited, passionate, anticipatory and enthusiastic to see where His mighty hand leads!

This new confidence, this zest for life, is so new to me. I never saw myself here prior to this time last year. Certain people, blessings to me all, spoke life into me to bring me here– but mostly it was belief in myself, my capabilities, that led me to create Verbose Lady.

As for my story, it’s slow going. I still very much love Gwen, David, Liesl, Lily, and Caleb–all and sundry of my characters! I do. I will stick with them and journey with them a while yet. If a new, better idea dawns, well, they had a good run. I am all for sojourning down the sometimes (often-who am I kidding??) arduous road from ‘good’ to ‘great’! One can’t linger in mediocrity forever; we don’t know how long we have to do something legendary, and if we don’t try, no one can try for us. Amen?? God gave us gifts unique to each of us individually. We mustn’t repay him by squandering them. I will leave my mark among the leaves of something special and uniquely me, so be on the alert for it! Chrissy has arrived, ready to learn, grow, and master her craft!

God bless you all, my lovely, faithful readers, new and old! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me all year long. Here’s to many, many more!

Be blessed today! 🌹✒

~Faithfully yours,

Chrissy Fritz


Reading “Resolved” again- and some more Chili Pepper fest goodies!

Resolved by Orrin Woodward is a phenomenal, life changing read. It was the very first book I purchased and dove into upon joining LIFE last year (after Financial Fitness–but if you read my recent post, my husband bought the “Green Box”–I had nothing to do with it!) . In fact, I believe I bought it at either my very first or second seminar. (Ironically, Orrin and his wife Laurie were the speakers at our second one!)

This book is powerful. I needed so badly to be set to rights after a tumultuous few years in a mental black hole; this was the first step out and back to better than normal. Our new normal!! Praise God!!

I highly recommend this gem to every single soul readimg this right now. I will even loan you our copy–that’s how much I believe in it. Orrin, Mr. Chris Brady, their wives, and the stellar minds they surround themselves with–the other LIFE leaders–have changed our lives! They have enriched them, empowered them, and now we soldier on, never arriving but thoroughly enjoyimg our ever evolving journey of growth, discovery, fun, and inspiring others to get on this crazy train with us!


This is a two parter!! I sampled more of my goodies from the festival– actually, I have tried then all by now, come to think of it. Will share my favorites:


These are local PA Dutch-y desserts (Stroopwaffel). They are typically placed over a hot mug of something and enjoyed warm–yes, the steam from your beverage warms the paper thin waffle cookie and gooey, delectable caramel filling! Genius, right?? I chose a variety pack with my own selections: pecan , espresso, and, as it was the chili festival, spicy cayenne cinnamon! I live on the edge, people!

Spicy Chocolate Bark

The company name is on the box! They had a variety of spicy bark- I chose mild, and man was I smart! It is spicier than you’d think; any hotter and I wouldn’t be able to handle it. A solid 8/10 on my spice gauge. Delish, though!

Finally, another non-dessert! This company makes my favorite salsa. We try new varieties of Deception every time we visit the festival. It begins sweet to the palate, but the spice creeps slowly in– the hotter, the bolder! It is amazing. A true experience. I can’t handle too much hotter than this, though. They rate it a 3- plenty hot enough for this lady!! A true myriad of flavors, though–not just heat. Love it!

~Hope you all enjoy my mish mash posts!! 💚 I certainly love writing them !

Be blessed this week!

August 15th devo

God at Work

“The Lord will work out his plans for my life– for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.” ~Psalm 138:8.

Whether you realize it or not, Mom, God is busily at work at your house. He has things he wants your family to do, and he has people he wants your family to help. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek God’s will and to follow it, wherever it may lead.

Sometimes God’s workings are obvious to us, but at other times we may be genuinely puzzled about the direction our lives should take–or are taking. In either case, we should consult our heavenly Father on a regular (spelled d-a-i-l-y) basis. And it’s a good idea to consult trusted friends and family members who can help us discern God’s will. When we do these things, God will make himself known, and he will signify his approval by the blessings he bestows upon us and our loved ones.

God has no problems, only plans. There is never panic in heaven.” ~Corrie ten Boom.

~Thank God he knows what he’s doing, eh? “Lord, I need You, how I need You!” Grace upon grace He bestows on me. We are blessed! Amen! Till next time!

Bowers Chili Pepper festival culinary reviews begin today!

We checked out the annual festival yesterday (today is the final day) and bought several items. Will list and discuss three today briefly. Other treats will follow in subsequent posts as I get to them!

Baba Nonna kiffles

I have to first mention that each of these vendors are local! Let’s hear it for free enterprise!! *claps* Woohoo! Ok, moving on. . . .

These kiffles are delicious (though not as divinely delectable as my Nana’s, let’s just say that!). They are also a different dough recipe, I believe. I have had these in the past from other visits to the festival, and am familiar with their apricot variety- I selected this again because apricot kiffles are superb, no matter the recipe! This time I also chose their Nutella flavor. Amazing! Pairs wonderfully with coffee or tea as a snack or dessert in the evening!

911 Honey

This honey is decadent! Creme honey is more dense and obviously spreadable on anything!! I had it on toast this morning; that blueberry note is swoon worthy. I also bought regular for tea.

Epic Pickles

Crazy good, unique pickles. The spicy dills pictured here are about a 5.5 on the Spice Scale. We also picked up their Chesapeake variety, which are slightly more sweetly mild. The kids stay far away from them, ha!

~I have many more products to review; some I have had before and others are brand new. Stay tuned!!

Be blessed today, and enjoy your weekend, all!

My sister’s bridal shower . . . and, yes, a devo!

Yesterday was truly a glorious day. My sister held her bridal shower in her place of residence, Bedford, at a quaint country café called The Bird’s Nest. My mom, Nana, stepmom, and I got to meet her bridesmaids and friends–we all had a spectacular time. Here are some of my favorite moments:

Mimosas are delish!

Sisters loving & laughing 💖🌹✨

Matt bringing the roses for his lovely bride to be was a sweet touch!! We all had a lovely brunch and fellowship time. Can’t wait to spend more time making new memories with new friends and dear loved ones at the wedding in a few weeks!!

Now, let’s shift gears to devotional time! This one from August 11th is entitled :

Beyond Our Obstacles

“Even though good people may be bothered by trouble seven times, they are never defeated.” ~Proverbs 24:16.

The occasional disappointments and failures of life are unavoidable. Such setbacks are simply the price we must occasionally pay for engaging with the world around us, for pursuing our goals. But even when we experience bitter disappointment, we must never lose faith.

As a mother, you know you’re far from perfect. And however wonderful they are (and they are!), your children are imperfect as well. When we make mistakes, we must correct them and learn from them. And when our kids make mistakes, we must help them do likewise.

Have you or your child made a small mistake, a medium-sized mess, or a big time blunder? If so, remember that God’s love is permanent . . . but for hard-working folks (like you), failure doesn’t have to be.

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” ~Beverly Sills.

Amen! I sorely need these fresh words of encouragement. They buffet my soul on a breeze of faith and energy! I hope they do the same for you. Be blessed today!

August 9th devo

~This message goes hand in glove with what I just read today in our Financial Fitness book: acquiring more stuff will not bring authentic, lasting peace or happiness. Read on:

Finding Contentment

“Better a dry crust with peace and quiet than a house full of feasting, with strife.” ~Proverbs 17:1.

Where can you find contentment? Is it a result of wealth or power or beauty or fame? Hardly. Contentment springs from a peaceful spirit, a clear conscience, and a loving heart.

Our modern world seems preoccupied with the search for happiness. We are bombarded with messages telling us that happiness depends on what we have or how we look or where we live. But these messages are false. Enduring peace is not the result of our acquisitions; it is more the result of our dispositions. If we don’t find contentment within ourselves, through God, we’ll never find it outside ourselves. And we’ll never find it outside of God.

Thus the search for contentment is an internal and spiritual quest, an exploration of the heart, mind, and soul. You can find contentment, Mom– indeed you will find it–if you simply look in the right places.

“The key to contentment is to consider. Consider who you are and be satisfied with that. Consider what you have and be satisfied with that. Consider what God’s doing and be satisfied with that.” ~Luci Swindoll

Enjoy, and be blessed!!

Notes from today’s (8/26) sermon, and also bringing back the song share!

The sermon broke down Psalm 138, and the song is by Carrie Underwood. You’ll have to wait till the post’s conclusion to find out which one I’ve selected! *evil laughter*

Due to our lead pastor’s (and his family’s) prayerful decision of a necessary six week sabbatical, New Life will be seeing a host of guest speakers, with the inclusion of some of our elders and, of course, our associate pastor (I assume).

Today’s speaker was a fellow BFC (Bible Fellowship Church- our denomination) pastor from Blandon, Dan Williams. He was very good. The title was A Song of Radical Thanksgiving.

Key points I loved:

  1. There is a difference between praise and thanksgiving. We praise (worship) God because of Who He is. We offer up thanksgiving, gratitude, for what He has miraculously done in our lives.
  2. In this psalm, David is recalling his experience in 2 Samuel 7. Take time to re read (or perhaps soak it in foe the very first time!) this passage. I’ll wait. . . . See what the Lord of Hosts has done? Scripture is seriously mind blowing, let me just say. He says to David in verse 16: “And your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me. Your throne shall be established forever.” It is vital that you and I understamd what that means. God has ensured David that he shall always, for all eternity, have a descendant on the throne of Israel. Who is of the royal line of David . . . ? King Jesus! Who’s reign will never end? King Jesus! Isn’t that amazing? Almighty God has told David that the Messiah, His only begotten Son, will come from him . David has every reason to write psalm 138. Amen and amen!
  3. David is thankful for the unconditional, unswerving, unbridled love of God.
  4. David’s thanksgiving is rooted in God’s holy, covenantal promise. May we as God’s chosen people, Jew or Gentile, strive to be equally grateful for God’s myriad blessimgs He bestows on our undeserving lives each and every day!! David gave all glory and honor to Whom it was due. Amen and amen!

Lastly, as we finish this segment of the post, pastor Williams closed with this quote from the illustrious John Piper, a learned teacher and I’ll just say it: hes on his way to theologian status. ” God is most pleased with us when we are most satisfied in Him.” We can find no true, lasting happiness without, apart from, God. That’s the truth.

Ok, now we come to the song share! I heard it for the first time last night at a leadership training session and fell in love. (I’m not a country aficionado; sorry!! )

https://youtu.be/HgknAaKNaMM ~Carrie Underwood & Ludacris, “The Champion”. Got me totally fired up!!! Hope it inspires you to kick butt in your life, too!!

Have a blessed week, all!! Till next time!

August 5th devo

The Lessons of Tough Times. (As always, emphasis mine; my commentary will be at the conclusion.)

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” ~Hebrews 12:11.

In the midst of adversity, you may find it difficult to see the purpose of your suffering. Yet of this you can be sure: the times that try your soul are also the times that build your character. During the darker days of life, you can learn things you are unlikely to glean during sunny, happier days. Times of adversity can–and should–be times of intense spiritual and personal growth.

The next time Old Man Trouble knocks on your door, you don’t have to throw him a party . . . but remember that he has lessons to teach that you don’t want to miss out on. The trouble with trouble isn’t just the trouble it causes; it’s also the trouble we cause ourselves if we ignore the things trouble has to teach.

“The size of your burden is never as important as the way you carry it.” ~Lena Horne.

~We cause ourselves trouble? What is this whackadoodle notion?!?! Of course we do!! I adore the quote at the end. Let’s model grace, logic, poise, and a large dollop of kindness and compassion to our circle of influence the next time our panties are in a twist. (Or our biscuits get burned–pick your analogy.) I am betting they will react one of two ways: either 1.) Shock and awe, or 2.) Quiet duplication, sooner or later! And eventually, folks from the first camp will flock to the second in droves, because your faith is your sight. (2 Cor. 5:7.) They will be convicted by your holy, Godly example, and will ask how they can achieve it. Lets get into action today!!

Be blessed, everyone!

August 1st devo


” When the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately. And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.” ~Luke 8:47-48.

Until we open our hearts to God, we are never completely whole. Until we have placed our hearts and our lives firmly in the hands of our loving, heavenly Father, we are incomplete. Until we discover the peace that passes all understanding– the peace that God promises can be ours– we long for a sense of inner well-being that eludes us no matter how diligently we search.

Only through God will we discover lasting peace. We may search far and wide for worldly substitutes, but when we seek peace apart from God, we will find neither peace nor God.

Today, Mom, as a gift to yourself and your family, lay claim to the peace that really matters: God’s peace.

” To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.”~ Simone Weil.

~Note: Emphasis is, as always, mine. And I add that the “Mom” title need not scare you off if you are 1.) Not a mother, or 2.) Not female! I am sure all of you know you can certainly apply the wisdom to yourselves! 😁 Until next time, be blessed, one and all!